Surrogacy: Is It the Right Option for you?

Surrogacy delivers happiness or an exciting chance for completing families. The arrangement is mostly recommended to same- sex couples, single intended parents and for those women who are unable to carry pregnancy to its full term or unwilling to carry baby in her womb. Surrogacy is a right option for you if you want to have your own genetic related child but yourself you are unable to do so.

The procedure is carried out into two forms: one where is intended parent (infertile couples looking to have own genetic child) provides their own eggs and sperm via IVF or ICSI which is then fertilized in IVF laboratory in Petri Dish and then transferred into the Surrogate’s uterus for further pregnancy. This type of surrogacy is known as Host or Gestational Surrogacy. The second one is where surrogate mother uses her own eggs and sperm from male partner to conceive through Intrauterine Insemination.

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Today more and more people educating themselves about the procedure and as a result, millions of couples are seriously contemplating the Surrogacy like never before. Even up to few years ago, many couples avoid to explore the treatment, often trying everything to conceive prior to give up considering the adoption as a last option. Also the cost and the legal aspects of the procedure were quite prohibitive for most of the people.

Normally the people who have tried everything else are opting surrogacy to have their own baby. The requirements are simple they just want a healthy surrogate to have a healthy baby. Mostly intended couples would like to have someone as surrogate who has already been successful with Surrogacy as they know what are the pros and cons of the procedure and also very much familiar about the procedure.

Several different causes are there that lead to an infertility and fortunately there are several treatment options available that can help you overcome the issue. Surrogacy is one of them that you can consider if you want to start your own family. Before commencing to the procedure, however it is wise to consult with your doctor in great detail.

Whether the option is good for you will require a detailed consultation with your fertility doctor as other options are also available for couples facing fertility issues. However it is the most viable option for women who have had their wombs removed for some medical reasons. Couples with unexplained infertility and who have had several IVF attempt failures should also consider surrogacy as an option to have their own baby.

Choosing surrogate is one of the most important aspects in surrogacy procedure. She is the one who plays a vital role in the process. She should be healthy, young and committed. They should have their own child at least one, are married and settled. They give a hope to childless couples to enjoy parenthood and also experience an exciting opportunity to carry child for another couple. In order to make process hassle free, the surrogate is not allowed to genetically link to the baby she is carrying.

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