Various Surrogacy Destination

I have been in the surrogacy business for approximately 11 years and since that time have had deliveries in more than seven countries and has worked with more than 35, nationalities.

The experience and the journey has been nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. It is absolutely fun to be able to help families and make a buck at the same time.

I have always wanted to write a blogs on various surrogacy destinations that are available for couples across the world. And this is the first in the series of my blogs in which I will cover the countries that I operate within:

In Thailand- we offer surrogacy services mainly for our Asian clientele through our website – we find that the clientele mainly originates from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Although we do find that many Asians were settled in Western countries also come down to Cambodia and Thailand for IVF and egg donation services.

One must note here that surrogacy was banned in 2016 in Thailand, and therefore surrogacy services are only offered to select group of people who qualify for using a surrogate mother from Thailand.

We find that Thai surrogate mothers tend to be very fertile and overall I’ve had the best success rate as far as pregnancy is concerned in Thailand. Thailand is also known for its PGD and gender selection services.

In India – India. We provide the services through our website India has been the most preferred destination for surrogacy since 2007 for many Westerners. However, in 2015, the Indian government had banned surrogacy for all non-Indians. This resulted in surrogacy services moving across to the neighboring country of Nepal. ( We used to operate a agency out of Nepal as well). but sadly, Nepal, shutdown surrogacy in 2016.

I’m proud to say that we will have at least 150+ or babies born out of surrogacy in India alone between 2008- two 2015. India still continues to be a very hot destination for domestic surrogacy services.

In Kenya, our services are dispensed through and since 2016. We’ve had more than 15 deliveries in Kenya alone. Over the last two years. Kenya has seen approximately new clinics that have opened up in the country.

Most of the clinics are run by Indian doctors who have moved from India across to Nairobi and “clinic over that. Kenya continues to be a hub of regional medical tourism for Eastern Africa.

The other attractive thing about Kenya is the pricing structure and also being close to South Africa makes it easier for us to source Caucasian egg donors from that part of the world. The other attraction that we feel with Kenya is that most of the IVF clinics offered PGD and gender selection services. Which in times to come would be a very attractive destination for many clients from India as well as China.

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