Surrogacy Treatment in Russia

A Complete Overview of Surrogacy Process in Russia

Since 1993, Russia has granted surrogacy, and at present, surrogacy clinics in Russia only allow straight couples or single males or females as eligible intended parents.

What is surrogacy?

It is an arrangement supported by a legal arrangement where a woman who agrees to bear a child of another person will become the parents after the child’s birth. The main intention behind surrogacy is to start or grow a family when they fail to do so independently.

Surrogacy Clinic in Russia

How does surrogacy work in Russia and all over the country?

Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy that helps those who cannot become parents and have children of their own. It is a process of medical and legal experts, including a strong supporting system throughout the whole childbirth journey.

Embryos are created in a lab at any surrogacy clinic. Hence look for surrogacy clinic in Russia. Even at times, the villain’s parents use their genetic material to the egg donor for fertility.

To know more about fertility clinics’ research on surrogacy treatment in Russia.

Why choose the surrogacy process to grow your family?

Surrogacy in Russia and other countries allows couples and individuals belonging from various backgrounds despite ages and sexual orientations to build a family of their own.

Intended couples who used the process of surrogacy are –

● Heterosexual couples who face problems related to infertility.

● Willing mothers who are not fortunate enough to bear a child.

● Willing parents who have a trait of genetic defect or an unhealthy condition that they do not intend to pass on to their child.

● Even same-sex intended parents who want to have a genetic link with their baby

The journey of surrogacy is unique and requires strength. The struggle to find a perfect surrogate mother is hard but not impossible. Surrogacy requires an amount as the surrogate mother is bearing another person’s child and providing every possible health and nutrient for the baby’s well-being.

Cost of surrogate mothers.

The payment for surrogate mothers depends on a few factors such as –

● The location where she lives.

● Whether she has any insurance.

● Whether she is a first-time carrier.

On average surrogate mothers cost around 30000 to 40000 RUB with additional compensation and other benefits.

The process of surrogacy.

A woman carrying a child is one of the most beautiful processes one can ever witness. The meaning of surrogacy is relatively simple to the process involved.

1. The first one should apply as a surrogate or a parent.

2. The parents need to meet all the requirements of the surrogate series and complete the initial consultation with the surrogate mother.

3. Once the parents match with the surrogate, the medical screenings are held.

4. Surrogate medications and embryo transfers are being done with proper monitoring.

5. And as the confirmation of the pregnancy comes, the health monitoring process for the baby and the mother is essential.

6. The delivery day arrives, and the child’s birth brings light to the parents.

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey for the surrogate mother and the intended parents. The process of childbearing through surrogacy is legal across the globe.

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