Surrogacy in Colombia

Everything about Surrogacy in Colombia- An International Surrogacy Destination

Do you know that Colombia is a favorite destination for medical tours? The country has secured this position by investing hugely in first-world medical services. Plus, it is one of the very few countries which have legalized surrogacy.

Additionally, Colombia is famous as an International Surrogacy Destination, especially for same-sex couples. This is because there is no prohibition concerning surrogacy agreements in Colombia. It holds a liberal position and positive legislation on a Surrogacy Relationship.

Surrogacy Clinics Colombia

What is so special about Surrogacy in Colombia?

Intended parents who want to start a Surrogacy Journey don’t have to worry about safety and government uncertainties etc.,. Furthermore, there are exciting places that they can visit while they wait for the results.

There are a lot of Surrogacy centers in Colombia that offer Surrogacy Treatment. These are full-service Surrogacy agencies or clinics in Colombia dedicated to creating a new life while ensuring the interests of the intended parents and surrogates in the field of reproductive technology. Of course, they provide all the healthcare services for infertility like IVF, Egg Donations, and Surrogacy Services.

Surprisingly, many clinics provide consultancy services for cross-border surrogacy service seekers.

What is the cost of Surrogacy in Colombia?

An all-inclusive guaranteed baby plan is for $64,000 in Colombia. This plan includes an unlimited IVF with an egg donor of your choice and surrogate transfers till you have a baby. This is less than half of the United States.

But Surrogacy Laws have banned Commercial Surrogacy which means that the surrogate mother cannot use or sell her eggs. It only allows gestational surrogates. This means that there is no biological link between the child and the surrogate mother in Colombia. In gestational surrogacy, the eggs used for conception are not provided by the surrogacy mother.

What is the status of Surrogacy laws in Colombia for LGBT people?

Surrogacy in Colombia is, of course, not a big deal as it is, anyway, a progressive nation. The constitutional court of Colombia had legalized same-sex marriage in 2016, and even before that, in 2015, a landmark decision had made gay adoption.

Since 2015, all types of families can use Surrogacy services in Colombia, irrespective of their sexual orientation. It is a better option for gay couples and single males there.

LGBTs are not discriminated against for their choice of reproduction method in Colombia. The Constitution protects and respects the right of procreation via ART and gestational surrogacy with at least one genetic link. Their parental rights are also well protected.

Final Thoughts:

Surrogacy in Colombia is available for everyone. It is one of the best choices for gay couples who want a baby. The Constitution of Colombia states that “Children born in or out of wedlock adopted and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance, have equal rights and duties.” How cool and progressive is that now?

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