How the Gestational Surrogacy Process Works?

Gestational surrogacy can be quoted as one of the most sought after surrogacy arrangements across the globe. Here, the surrogate mother gets infused with an embryo created out of the sperm and eggs of the intended parents and she will then be carrying the child for the next nine months period. Hereby, the intended parents will be having a biological connection with the child and unlike any other surrogacy arrangement; the surrogate mother won’t be having any such connection with the newborn.

This kind of surrogacy is also been known as a “host surrogacy” or “full surrogacy.” The fact that one or both the parents will be biologically connected with the newborn makes this gestational surrogacy much more feasible and less complicated than all the other types of surrogacy arrangements.

On the other side, the following section of people often looks forward to the gestational surrogacy process.

– Couples who are really struggling with infertility

– Single parents looking for a child

– Same-sex couples

– couples who don’t want a biological connection between the child and the surrogate mother

– A women who has gone through numerous miscarriages

gestational surrogacy cost

How does the gestational surrogacy process work?

In order to kick start the whole gestational surrogacy process, you either need to deal with a surrogate mother at your own, or you can also hire the best gestational surrogacy agency around. On the other side, it all depends on the legal aspects of surrogacy within your country and doesn’t matter if you are someone who is looking for gestational surrogacy in Spain or gestational surrogacy in India. So if you search is regarding India only, please go through the detailed gestational surrogacy costs in India before making any decision.

Once the surrogate mother has been put on board whilst going through the initial rounds of screening and interviews, it’s now time for getting along with the legal agreements between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. Once the legal aspects of the agreements get covered, it’s now time to get ahead with the embryo transfer process with the help of an IVF clinic around. The embryo will be created and transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother in the following ways:

– The eggs and sperm with which the embryo has been created belongs to the intended parents and they will be biologically connected with the future child

– A Donated egg which is mixed with the sperm of the intended father and this way, he will be biologically connected with the future child

– The donor sperm is fertilized with the intended mother’s egg and this way, only the intended mother will be genetically connected to the coming child.

– A donor egg and donor sperm is been mixed to create an embryo which is then transferred into the womb of surrogate mother. This way, neither of the intended parents ill is biologically connected to the future child.

In the overall process, you will be dealing with the best surrogacy agencies around and this is where you got to deal with the one suited perfectly for your specific case. So if you are someone who is looking for a gestational surrogacy in Spain or gestational surrogacy in India

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