The Surrogacy Journey of an Intended Parent!

Looking for a surrogacy plan isn’t an easy job at all and being the intended parent, you got to make a list of choices in regards to your overall surrogacy journey. From the budget, till the search process for the surrogate mother, an intended parent has to go through a details mind boggling and intense journey altogether. Talking about the process, if there is one aspect which takes a lot of efforts, it’s the search regarding the surrogate mother. If you have looked u for someone from your network or friend connections, it may come helpful, but in other case, you really got to search it with your best efforts.

Surrogate Mother Search

Searching a surrogate mother comes as a hefty task and this is where most of the intended parents deal with a surrogacy agency at the first place. Whilst they can also look up to the same search all by themselves, it may eat up all their time and money in the process. Moreover, a surrogacy agency will look onto the entire task as involved in the surrogacy process like the screening process, dealing with the IVF clinic and so on. Once dealing it themselves, the intended parents need to take care of all these tasks by themselves only.

Surrogate Mother Agency

Surrogate Selection and Screening

A surrogate mother got to go through a number of screening and selection processes. Once she applied for the same role, she has to first go through a detailed interview and one-on one process. During the same process, the surrogate is checked for any type of health or psychological issues. This is where dealing with a surrogacy agency becomes easy for the intended parents as they don’t need to deal with anything by themselves.

Drafting the Agreement and Other Contractual Terms

One of the other important aspects comes as the signing of the contract between the Intended parents and the surrogate mother. While the surrogate mother needs to be compensated for her carrying the child for 9 months in her womb, the intended parents also needs to take care of the medicines and other expenses for her in the same regards. The surrogate mother, on the other side, needs to hand over the child to the intended parents as per the agreed terms.

Both the intended parent and the surrogate mother have to duly sign the agreed contract and this will take care for the interest of both parties in case of any sort of dispute in future. This is where a legal attorney will come into picture to take care of the entire legal obligations.

Budget and Compensation

The intended parents really got to take care of the budget aspect as they must be coming over to the surrogacy arrangement with some limited money. While they have to pay the surrogate mother for the compensation part over the nine months period; they also got to take care of the fees of the surrogacy agency. Also, the legal attorney needs to be hired to take care of the whole agreement and that will be carrying a certain charge.

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