Reasons to Look for Surrogacy Clinic in Russia

Who can better understand the importance of building a family than those crossed golden reproductive age, tried all possible methods of conceiving naturally or witnessing the continuous failure of IVF, and IUI?

Adopting a child can be an option, but the long procedure and even facing varied issues during child care will persuade you to think again. In addition, there is no biological connection between the parents (any one or both). Surrogacy in Russia or even in any other country (where it is legally allowed) is the right option to fulfill your desire of building your family or get a healthy baby from your own eggs and sperm of the partner – transferred into the uterus of a gestational carrier (fully screened and medically checked). She is a lady who will be ready to get pregnant through IVF and wear pregnancy pain for nine months. However, you will have to afford all expenses and pay a certain amount to her. You cannot do the entire process completed on your own. You need someone, who can help you at every step and provide you with easy ways. With the help of a recognized surrogacy agency in Russia, you will get everything in a smooth way.

Surrogacy Clinics in Russia

Laws That Regulate Surrogacy in Russia

This arrangement is legal here and regulated by the Federal Law on Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation. The laws are effective from the year 2012.

• According to the laws – both international and locals can fulfill their desire through gestational carrier. However, they need to satisfy the accompanying prerequisites that include:

• Only heterosexual couples and single women are permitted to partake in the arrangement through gestational carrier at a selected and the best surrogacy clinic in Russia.

• Gestational carrier options are allowed in the country. However, surrogate mothers need to use the eggs from the intended mother or the donor for this process.

• The intended mother or childless couples are required to submit the details of a medical reason along with necessary reports and proofs to justify their move regarding this arrangement.

There are certain pre-requisites – need to be followed by the surrogate for a successful process.

According to the section 10 of the Article 55 of Russian Federation law (in regards to health protection regulation):

• A surrogate mother is required to be in the age group of 20-35 years of age with good health and mental condition.

• She should be the mom of a baby or two or carried a child of her own in past.

• She has the consent from her husband to participate in the program.

• She must be following a healthy lifestyle and routine with no addictions like smoking or alcoholic.

Affordable Cost That Will Make a Difference

Financial stability is equally important in this arrangement. No other way can be better and convenient than getting this procedure done in your budget. In Russia, you will get complete peace of mind as the entire process require around $60,000 to get this done successfully.

Find a Recognized Agency

From a recognized surrogacy agency in Russia like Become Parents, you will get everything planned according to your requirement. They offer you attractive plans and packages – covering all expenses related to this arrangement. Make a contact as per your needs, schedule an appointment, join counseling sessions to clear your doubts, and give your approval to continue this process.


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