Sport and Surrogate Mothering

Medical research has shown that moderate physical activity during pregnancy does not harm either the woman or the foetus. But it should be understood that during the implementation of the surrogacy centre USA program, the risks of complications are slightly higher.

Sports activities for a surrogate mother are not prohibited if there are no direct contraindications for this. However, it is worth following some recommendations for a carefree pregnancy.

Benefits of sports activities for a surrogate mother

• Regular, but moderate physical activity has a beneficial effect on the body of a surrogate mother and on the condition of the foetus.

Sports activities contribute to:

• Reducing the risk of the onset and development of diabetes;

• Reducing the likelihood of giving birth by caesarean section or using vacuum aspiration;

• Rapid recovery of the body after childbirth;

• Less weight gain during pregnancy;

• Reducing pain symptoms in the lumbar region.

If a woman overdoes her exercises, then irreversible consequences may well ensue. Intense physical activity causes the muscles of the uterus to contract, which often leads to miscarriage.

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Training rules:

If a surrogate mother cannot imagine life without a gym and other activities, she can safely continue to lead her usual lifestyle, but only with the permission of the doctor who implements the ethical surrogacy in USA program. The woman should also follow the guidelines below:

• The optimal workout duration is 30 minutes every day. It is not necessary to conduct classes once a week, but for 2-3 hours. It is necessary to evenly distribute the load over the day.

• Before each class, you should eat well. Prepare and eat a hearty, balanced lunch one hour before your workout.

• During the lesson, you do not need to train to exhaustion. This is very harmful for a pregnant woman. Sports should be easy and enjoyable, the only way they will benefit the body and the foetus.

• As per recommendations of surrogacy centre in USA surgeons, don’t forget to drink clean water during your workout. Overheating or dehydration should not be allowed.

• Monitor your heart rate during exercise, a fitness bracelet can help with this.

• During the period of bearing a child, not all physical activity is allowed. The surrogate mom can choose from adapted yoga, adapted Pilates, treadmill walking, swimming, stationary bike, or low-intensity aerobic activity.

• Prohibited sports during the preparation and implementation of the surrogacy program: contact sports (football, volleyball, boxing), traumatic sports (skiing, snowboarding, surfing, horse riding), diving, skydiving.

• If during training you feel worse or show “dangerous” signs (see information below), the exercise should be stopped immediately.

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Reasons to stop exercising

The body of a pregnant woman is a complex system, the condition of which must be monitored with special care. Doctors identify a number of “danger signs” that are indicators for the cessation of sports. Among them: headache, severe shortness of breath at rest, pronounced swelling of the legs, cramping in the lower abdomen, weakness, watery or bloody discharge from the genital tract, cramping pain in the muscles.

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