Surrogate Cost and How to Become Surrogate Mother in India

The choice to utilize a surrogate isn’t one that is made effectively or elegantly. What’s more, we need to make your surrogacy journey as basic and agreeable for you, through an obligation of trust among you and your surrogate mother in India. There are various focuses that offer surrogacy programs, yet not many that match Become Parent’s experience and morals, which is the reason we are viewed as one of the main fertilities and IVF focuses in India.

In the most straightforward of terms, Surrogacy can be depicted as gifting parenthood, wherein another lady volunteers to convey a child to bear for a couple. Little marvels are conceived each day through the liberality of these stunning surrogate mother.

How to become surrogate mother in India?

Becoming surrogate comes with greater responsibilities and detailed line of instructions to follow till the birth of baby. Intended parents and surrogate will go under certain agreements defining the rules and regulations between both the parties. Becoming surrogate mother in India also comes with certain criteria that surrogate mother should be qualified enough to volunteer being a surrogate.To get a declaration of qualification from the proper power, the surrogate mother must be:

Surrogate Mother in India

• Surrogate mother should have an existing relation with the intended couples

• Surrogate should be having at least one child on her own before who should be biologically related to the mother

• Should be between 25 to 30 years of age

• A Surrogate shouldn’t have volunteered for being surrogate before

• Have a medical certificate of clinical and mental fitness for surrogacy. Further, the surrogate mother can’t give her own gametes for surrogacy.

Surrogate Cost in India

Although there’s no such defined cost of surrogate in India but still there are expenses that you have to bear anyhow on behalf of surrogate or for surrogate. While Commercial surrogacy isn’t allowed in India the cost that you’ll bear will only carry the expenses of surrogate that she’ll face during the process. These costs will include:

• Injections and other medication

• IVF Process

• Egg collection

• Blood tests and scans during the pregnancy

• Screening tests

• Embryo transfer

• Delivery of the baby

• Medication before, during and after egg collection, embryo transfer and during the entire pregnancy period

• Insurance for the surrogate

• Personal toiletries

• Medical consultations

• Post-delivery care for 3 months

While the cost of all these services varies and no fixed cost is there, therefore you’ll have to enquire and research the center before entering where we’ll provide the same services with proper care and cost at our place that will automatically saves your time researching. The Average surrogacy cost in India that intended parent for surrogacy including all the expenses is around 10 Lakh to 15 Lakh. Cost will vary on the doctor’s experience, location you’re opting for surrogacy and many other factors.

At Become Parents our program is carefully designed considering that patients experience is as comfortable as their journey at our center. Our team works with you at every step, to help you fulfil your wish to become parents.

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