Surrogacy in Ireland: is it recommended

Surrogacy in Ireland has always intrigued a lot of international couples in the past who were otherwise struggling with their child seeking aspirations. Yet, there is something you must know about the entire surrogacy related framework persisting in the highly popular European nation.

There is currently no legislation in Ireland regarding surrogacy, thus most couples look for surrogacy in other countries such as Ukraine, the United States, or Canada.

As a result, surrogacy in this region of the world is neither forbidden nor authorized. Although numerous surrogacy services in Ireland operate under a grey area network, the surrogacy arrangements are not legally enforceable for either the surrogate or the intended parent.

If you are a couple searching for surrogacy treatment, it is highly advised that you consider Ukraine or Georgia.

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In the case of gestational surrogacy in Ireland, who is the legal parent or guardian?

The mother (even if it’s a surrogate) is the custodial guardian of the kid under Irish law. Consequently, she will remain the legal custodian of the born kid regardless of whether it is a conventional or gestational surrogacy handled by the finest surrogacy agency Ireland.

If the surrogate mother is married, however, her husband will be deemed a shared guardian and legal father of the kid. So, regardless of whether an agreement is maintained at surrogacy clinic Ireland, the biological mother will have the initial rights on the born child.

What makes the intended mother a legal parent of the born child?

In order to become the legal parent of the born child, the intended or commissioned mother must share day-to-day care of the kid with the father of the child for a period of two years. While this may sound unrealistic at the first go, this needs to be maintained in order to grab the legal custody of the child by the prospective parents.

The cost of surrogacy in Ireland

The cost of surrogacy through a surrogacy facility in Ireland ranges from €30,000 to €150,000, depending on the surrogacy centre you choose. Other expenditures such as travel, insurance, counseling services, legal bills, and so on may increase the cost of the same item.

What about surrogacy for local inhabitants in Ireland?

Local partners can use domestic surrogacy if they can locate a surrogate mother who is prepared to bear a child for them. With the aid of a surrogacy agency ireland, a contract will be made between both sides (surrogate and intended parents) on medical expenses, lodging, and other matters.

Still, because of the lack of a legislative structure for surrogacy in Ireland, the same agreement is not enforceable by law.

What are the pre-requisites for a surrogate mother in Ireland?

In Ireland, a female should be between the ages of 25 and 47 and have previously given birth to a healthy child. She must also be evaluated and checked by a competent doctor and counselor for any health or psychiatric concerns.

Last but not least, she must be prepared to carry the kid for the intended parents as a kind of support.

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