What all Needs to be Taken Care off after Embryo Transfer?

When a person seek a fertility specialist in order to take care of her infertility issues, she is often been required to go through certain tests and diagnosis in order to bring the overall issue forward. Moreover, once the issue is diagnosed, the patient then needs to go through the required treatments and quite often, IVF has been advised to most of the people going for the fertility treatment due to the quality of solution delivered to them.

Embryo transfer is one such process which is a part of the IVF treatment plan and often been brought into use after getting the sperm and the eggs mixed in a lab dish. Moreover, once the process gets through, there is s list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” which is been given to the patient which she must abide with.

1. Don’t opt for too much bed rest

It’s been often found that most of the patient opts for complete bed rest after the embryo transfer process but this might put all the efforts in Embryo transfer process in vain and this is why fertility experts often advise the patient to resume with her daily routine after an initial bed rest of just 10-20 minutes. Still most of the patient often opts for complete bed rest after the transfer process which is certainly a myth.

2. Following the prescribed medicines and diet alongside

The importance of medicines is quite big in the context of the overall IVF treatment and even after the embryo transfer process, the patient is been advised to follow the medicinal course along with the diet plan in order to boost the chances of pregnancy. Whilst the person might experience bleeding after the embryo transfer until the first trimester, there may be chances that she will go through heavy bleeding alongside. Still the patient need not to stop the medicine course after the same and need to check it further with the respective fertility specialists. Also, diet rich in Folic acid is also been recommended within the same duration.

3. Stay away from stress whilst being positive

A positive frame of mind always helps in achieving the best results and same applies on Embryo transfer as well. Once the person is through the process, she needs to stay away from unwanted things like stress, depression, and anxiety and so on and must look towards life and everything with a positive frame of mind. Whilst this would facilitate a good atmosphere around the patient, it would also helps in keeping the patient in the right shape and attitude.

4. Avoid heat, heavy workout and hectic routine

The patient is also prescribed to stay away from heat and everything like sauna baths, heat pads and hot baths. Moreover, she is also not been advised to go for heavy workout schedule and prescribed to opt for light workout and yoga instead. Additionally, the body needs not to be undergone through any unwanted physical or mental stress and the patient and her family must take  a good care of the same fact in the process.

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