What it is Worth to Refuse a Surrogate Mother

A woman who has expressed a desire to enter the surrogacy program as a surrogate mother through surrogacy agency should understand that she will have to face a number of restrictions and prohibitions. This is necessary for bearing a healthy and full-fledged child for the “customers” – genetic parents.

5 “not allowed” for a surrogate mother advised by Surrogacy Centre Canada:

1. Heavy Physical Activity

It is possible and even necessary for a surrogate mother to go in for sports, but if these are moderate loads and on, then there is a doctor’s permission. Otherwise, heavy loads (for example, intense aerobics, weight lifting or fast running) can provoke premature birth or foetal hypoxia.

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2. Sit on Rigid Diets

During surrogacy, only proper nutrition is allowed! No fast foods, spicy and fatty foods, and especially exhausting diets. A woman must saturate her body with all the necessary micro and macro elements in order to maintain the correct development of the foetus. To do this, you need to consume a set amount of minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates per day. Self-limitation in the use of a particular group of products can lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, if a pregnant woman thinks that she has recovered and should moderate her appetites by “going on a diet”, first of all, you need to consult a reputed surgeon at surrogacy agency Canada.

For example, fasting days are a great alternative to a diet, the principle of which is a calorie deficit (no more than 1500 kcal per day). But this method must also be prescribed by the doctor who runs the surrogacy program.

3. Overheat the Body

A visit to the bathhouse, sauna or solarium is strictly prohibited, even if it has become a favourite tradition. Even taking a hot bath is prohibited. In general, it is worth limiting yourself from any procedures, the temperature of which exceeds 39 degrees Celsius. Such pleasures can be dangerous for the health of a bearing child.

4. Smoking and Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Much has already been said about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol products for human health. Well, then what can we say about their impact on the health of surrogate mothers, and pregnant women in general?

According to cheapest surrogacy agency in Canada gynaecologist, In the body of women who smoke and drink, destructive processes begin, foetal development is impaired, and the risk of estrogen deficiency increases. Smoking also contributes to the violation of the permeability of the vascular walls, and, accordingly, the placenta. In addition, the baby does not receive the required amount of oxygen for intrauterine development.

5. Go on a Long Plane Trip

During the first trimester, the body of a surrogate mother is completely rebuilt, even blood clotting changes. During this period, a pregnant woman should refuse to fly. In the worst case, sudden changes in pressure can lead to the development of thrombosis. Cases of intense stress often occur. But if the flight cannot be cancelled in any way, the surrogate mother must definitely agree this with the doctor and with the “customers” – the child’s genetic parents.

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