How to increase the chances of successful surrogacy pregnancy?

Knowing the tips for successful surrogacy pregnancy not only helps the intended patents but also surrogate mother at the same time, ensuring a smooth journey for both. 

Depending upon your circumstance, a surrogacy clinic in Germany might give you a reasonable choice to fulfill your dream of parenthood. However, surrogacy is one of the best solutions for all childless and infertile couples. 

During the gestational surrogacy process, a woman (surrogate mother) gives birth to a baby for another person (intended parents) who are not able to conceive due to some fertility problems. 

According to the best surrogacy agency Germanyfollowing several tips can help in increasing the chances of having a successful surrogacy pregnancy.

Below-stated are some tips that you need to consider:

Maintain a healthy weight 

Maintaining a healthy weight plays a vital role in successful surrogacy because, in this way, your body can tackle all the situations that come during the surrogacy journey. 

You must be knowing that dull health brings disease to the body as a result, it becomes difficult for you to fight against the diseases. To maintain a healthy weight, you need to pay attention to your diet. 

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Work on stress levels

Remember that stress levels can have a great impact on surrogacy treatment. Keeping control on the stress level is one of the most difficult things for the couple who are undergoing the surrogacy process. 

According to several reports, it is revealed that using certain techniques like acupuncture and stress relieving methods can play a vital role in the improvement of pregnancy outcomes. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

You need to keep your diet healthy and get at least sleep of 8 hours. Also, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol during the surrogacy treatment because this will further help in improving the outcomes and enhance the possibilities of conceiving a healthy baby. 

Several surrogacy agencies recommend avoiding alcohol and smoking as well as switch to a green diet. 

Check the credibility of the surrogacy agency 

The trusted surrogacy agency always comes with credibility as well as experience. You will be able to understand the surrogacy process properly and also their attitude towards the surrogate mother by simply interacting and meeting with the surrogacy coordinator in the agency.   

You can ask for several references because, in this way, you will have an idea about the pros and cons of the surrogacy agency. It is always better to go for some recommendations as some surrogacy clinics offer the best quality services that too at a very affordable price.  

Be flexible

In the surrogacy process, there are several things like the IVF cycle, the success rate of embryos transfer in surrogate mother, etc., that are not in control. Being flexible helps both the intended parent & surrogate mother.  Therefore, if you are planning for surrogacy in Germany then Become Parents is the right destination. 

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