Surrogacy Cost in Ireland

A Brief Note on the Surrogacy Process in Ireland

IVF, as well as adoption, are two of the most common options that can be considered by a couple when the conception has not occurred naturally, or they are having problems having a child. Unfortunately, IVF is not always successful, and the adoption of a child in Ireland is a very long process. The process is so complex that the parents may also need to look for all the other available options to start a happy and complete family of their own.

A large number of countries around the world, such as Australia, Israel, the Netherlands, the UK, and Greece, permit altruistic surrogacy only, whereas other countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and even Islamic countries do not allow surrogacy.

Currently, there is no legislation on surrogacy in Ireland, so, therefore, there is only a few surrogate houses in Ireland. Moreover, the parentage issues are much more complicated in Ireland. In this process, a lot of legal advice ad support are also required. For this reason, people living in Ireland can go for international surrogacy. Countries like Cyprus, Ukraine, and even Greece are becoming increasingly popular. For this, the surrogacy cost in Ireland will cost between €30,000and over 100,000. This generally depends on the country and the agency that an individual chooses for themself.

Surrogacy in Ireland

The process of surrogacy

Surrogacy, as well as Egg Donation, is a complex area. The couples who are doing it deserve to know everything involved in this process and the cost to do this process. In most cases, the parents are not fully aware of the risks involved and the ways that can be taken up to minimize the chance of problems. The best way here is to get some advice from the professionals in this work and the people who have experience in it. People can also go to a surrogacy clinic in Ireland to deal with any acute situation.

Ways to do surrogacy in Ireland

This process is also possible in Ireland. But here, it would need to be either the host surrogacy, where it can be done by using the own surrogates’ eggs or the couples have to perform the process of IVF outside Ireland. It would be great for couples to do it in neighboring countries such as the UK or Cyprus. This is because the Irish clinics are not permitted under current legislation to assist with in-country gestational surrogacy. A minimal number of couples do this in the locality with the help of a local surrogate. Here they find the ways of making this work.


If it is needed to avoid any problems related to the laws of Ireland as well as the home country of the surrogate then the couples need to make sure that they protect their as well as the rights of their chils. The Ireland surrogacy agency can help them in the process. They need to obtain all kinds of legal advice in Ireland and also the host country before carrying out the further process.

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