Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia: Consider these Facts before Making the First Move!

The republic of Georgia is one of those countries that live up to its commitment of offering ethical and affordable surrogacy in Georgia options to a large group of individuals from around the world. This comes as one of the biggest reasons why thousands of medical tourists come here every year to realize their parenthood dreams.

That said, there are a few things that need to be considered by the intended parents before putting their first steps towards surrogacy in Georgia. As of now, surrogacy is only available for straight married or de-facto couples in the country.

Moreover, even if you are looking for surrogacy for gay couple Georgia, you may have to look towards other destinations like Cyprus.

On the other side, the surrogate mother can be compensated only for her services in terms of cost of surrogacy. Moreover, the same contract has to be signed by a local notary in the presence of all the involved parties.

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

Surrogacy laws in Georgia

Surrogacy stands at a legal arrangement in Georgia since 1992. Still, only straight, married or defacto couples are permitted to pursue surrogacy in this part of the world.

Moreover, the role of a surrogacy agency Georgia is quite critical at every step of your surrogacy journey. While the agency has to ensure that the surrogate mother has been taken care of, they also need to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of each and every party involved is defined in the surrogacy contract

Apart from that, there are other key considerations regarding surrogacy in Georgia or surrogacy for gay couple Georgia that are mentioned in the following sections of this article.

Other key considerations related to surrogacy in Georgia

• Only married, heterosexual couples are permitted to carry out surrogacy. That said, Georgia prohibits surrogacy for gay couple Georgia and single parents.

• The law permits both for-profit and charitable surrogacy. To make sure that everyone involved receives the desired outcomes from the process, a surrogacy contract will need to be created for each case and thoroughly reviewed.

• Donations of eggs and sperm are permitted if the couple requires them. In Georgia, the intended parents can be told who the donor is and, if they so choose, can even meet the individual.

• At the time of birth, the intended parents will be deemed as the legal parents of the born child. They will be granted all of the legal privileges and obligations that go along with it, whereas the surrogate will not be accorded any maternal rights or obligations at all.

• After the baby is born, the birth certificate will be issued within 24 hours.

• The birth certificate will include the names of the intended parents as the legal parents

• Unlike some nations that demand the surrogate to renounce her rights upon the birth of the child, the intended parents do not need the surrogate’s written consent in order to be named as the child’s legal parents.

• The child born in another country through surrogacy must have at least one parent who is biologically related, in case the surrogacy in Georgia is pursued by US intended parents. DNA testing might be necessary to demonstrate this at their country of origin. Besides, the Immigration and Nationality Act addresses this in the USA.

• Parents from the US must apply for both a US passport and a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of an American Citizen. If you are an intended parent, you can do so in the US Embassy in Tbilisi.

• Intended parents need to bear the cost of surrogacy in Georgia while agreeing to the terms of the surrogacy agreement.

Final words

Surrogacy in Georgia is an amazing option for all the child seeking couples out there. Still, given the rules and regulations regarding surrogacy, one must connect with a trusted and ethical surrogacy agency Georgia.

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